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How do you know if your home, office, basement or other structure has mold and if it’s serious enough that it needs to be removed, a process known as “remediation”?

In New Mexico, we don’t have nearly the amount of rainfall and humid climate that is known to set the stage for mold growth. But since our moisture tends to fall in our monsoon season during the summer, that moisture often catches property owners off guard.

After all, if it rains frequently, you KNOW when you have a leak. But when we have a sudden downpour, you may not have the ability to correct the leak quickly. That allows moisture to enter your ceiling or walls or to seep under the sill of the structure—moisture that may create mold before you’re even aware it’s there. So when is remediation needed? There is no standard amount of acceptable mold spores in the air since people react differently to mold. Mold produces toxins and depending on the environmental conditions, it can grow rapidly, putting off more spores. People with asthma, other chronic lung diseases such as obstructive lung disease, those with weakened immune systems, and those who are allergic to the mold itself may experience significant health issues. Signs of mold exposure can include wheezing, skin irritations, irritated or itchy eyes, a stuffy or even a runny nose.

To prevent mold growth, it’s important to clean up the water leak (and its cause) and dry the area promptly, usually within 48 hours. At Asbestos Experts™, we not only help you with the process of drying out the flooring materials, sheetrock, baseboard and other materials with our heavy duty fans, but we can also assess if there is growing mold that will need to be remediated.

To kill mold growth, a commercial product, and subsequent testing is always the best bet for your family’s health. The certified mold technicians at Asbestos Experts™ will assess the area, determine if any mold is hidden from view, and give you a recommendation if mold abatement is needed.