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Lead-Based Paint Removal

Most homeowners may not know the dangers of lead-based paint in their homes at first glance. Asbestos Experts lead certified teams can assist in identifying hazardous lead-based paint and lead removal. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all individuals that perform lead abatement in homes built before 1978 to be certified and adhere to certain practices. Requests for testing can be at the homeowner’s discretion or any Government entity.

Lead-based abatement processes can vary by business. Our team at Asbestos Experts will perform testing once we arrive at the property, risk assessments, and a plan for the removal of the lead-based paint. We offer multiple options for the removal of lead-based paint in your home or business.

Encapsulation-encapsulation involves a specially made paint coating that creates a seal and watertight bond on the lead-based paint.

Enclosure– the old surface is covered with drywall

Removal-the only guarantee to remove lead-based paint is the actual removal of the paint. This can be done by wire brushing or wet hand scraping with paint removers.

Replacement– depending on the area, it may be necessary to remove the surfaces or features containing lead-based paint.

Asbestos Experts serves the Albuquerque Metro area, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, and around the great state of New Mexico and West Texas, including El Paso and San Antonio. Contact us today if your home was built before 1978 or if you believe lead paint may be present in your home or business. Our team is certified in identifying hazards and fast-acting abatement.

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